Mach4 and x-carve, a DIY solution

Hi. I just finished a test assembly of a DIY motor controller/driver which works with MACH3 and MACH4 over Ethernet.
With this solution, the Nema23 motors work very smoothly on my XCarve, its music :blush:. If you like MACH CNC control software, it is a perfect setup, imho.
I used the follwing components:


  • Pokeys57CNC controller 6-26V current, manufactured by PoLabs (about US $135). This controller has much more to offer than i currently use in my test installation (8 axis and plenty I/Os and PWM outputs)

  • Stepper Motor Driver Max 4A Current 12-24V voltage per phase, sold by Stepperonline (US $29,00 per motor).

  • Spindle Speed Controller, sold by inventables (US $35).

  • various wires, clamps and connectors taken from my hobby inventory

  • Refurbished 48V and 24V power supplies, 48V for the spindle, 24V for the controller and the stepper motors.

  • LAN. Pokeys can also use USB connection instead of Ethernet.


  • A Windows 10 desktop (Windows 7,8 are ok).

  • Pokeys Configurator.

  • Pokeys MACH4 plugin.

  • MACH4 (Demo or Hobby).

I include 2 pictures of my rough-and-ready installation. Currently, i only use 3 of the 4 motor drivers. I now plan to design a proper housing for the controller and drivers. Because of the large cooling elements attached to the stepper motor drivers, there is no need for a ventilator!

Would any body be interested into instruction documents how to build and configure that controller, or even into an assembly kit (with or withoud the Pokey and Stepper Motor Drivers)?
I will be happy to answer any questions or listen to suggestions.
Regards, Alfred.


Have you used earth wire for the connections between the controller and the terminal blocks?
Bad idea even for low voltage. If you have a problem, trouble shooting is going to be more difficult.

Awesome, glad to see someone else diving into Mach4 and using an X-carve. I have been very happy with the setup thus far( mach is super smooth). Newfangled solutions is still working on Mach 4 but it is pretty solid as is, new functionality is being added quickly. I am excited about the probing and height offset stuff. I have done some lua work for custom DROs and FRO stuff and it all works well. I have started chronicling my build at good luck and happy building.