Mach4 - What do i need to do

Hey guys,

Loving the XCarve right now. I’ve done a few cuts, but mainly have been taking time to learn Autodesk Fusion360 to generate my models and GCode… BTW, It’s awesome.

Now I need a great way to get it to the XCarve. I’ve seen Chillipepper, but it keeps crashing on me… probably a RTFM type deal, but I’m more comfortable with Mach4… but I don’t think that they support Arduino USB with GShield.

So, the question is, what’s a poor sap like me gotta do to get Mach4 compatibility.



Loading UGS on your shop computer is much easier than getting Mach 4 to work with X-Carve

You can down load version 2 of UGS at:

Thanks Allen, I’ll give this a try and check it out. Is it pretty self explanatory?

Yes, it is a Java JAR file. So be sure you have the latest version of Java loaded on your computer.

Once loaded, just open the port to the X-Carve, load the gcode file, zero the machine and click send.

(of course you need to be sure you saved the created the gcode file using a post processor for grbl or the X-Carve)

Once you are ready to move on to Mach 4, you just need a breakout board and stepper controllers. Plenty of threads on that. Also, check out Gecko G540 - all self-contained and awesome.

+1 for the Gecko G540. I have one on my X-Carve hooked up through Linuxcnc (free).


Not just good for auto insurance!

+1 for the G540. I am using it on another CNC router with an ESS. Smooth and reliable.

Got the first carve off without a hitch. So far so good. I really want to use Mach tho, so I’m going to keep my eyes open for a Gecko Card, or something similar.

Thanks so much for the help!

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