Machine Calibration TBD upgrade ($102 revert back to original value)

I upgraded to the TBD products , Been having an issue with Machine Calibration, in Particular the $102= number. The machine reverts back to $102=188.976 after complete shut down. The next day I need to go to advanced setup and put in the proper line $102=49.909. when I use machine again. otherwise will not function properly, especially the Z Drive. Any suggestions?

Don’t run the machine setup ever again.

I hope you are trying to be funny. It wont operate properly. Z axis drives itself down until I hit panic button shut off. X and Y run in wrong direction. broke many bits until I figured it out. The setup is not being “saved” in the Controller, Easel, or the Cloud.

Is that the only setting that is changing or all the rest stock? Is this something that has just started to happen or has it been going on for a while? and has it just started since you upgraded?

The $102= number is the only one reverts back to the original. Has been going on since the Upgrade. I was just thinking, I do some of my Easel projects on a computer that is not hooked to the X-Carve, never has been. but could that be writing the project parameters and changing the number to the Controller when I use Easel at the X-Carve with another Computer?

Nope. When you send your correct $102 setting, it will persist FOREVER in the controller. The ONLY way it can revert is if you change it or run the machine setup in Easel again.
So, don’t run the machine setup.

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Has your computer upgraded recently?