Machine cuts at wrong end of work area


This is my first foray into cnc’s.

When the machine has been setup and you press the carve button the gantry and spindle travels to the top right hand corner of the work area and proceeds to route the design in the top corner of the work area.

Any Ideas… sorry if it sounds a bit simple but this is totally new to me.

Easel always sets the zero location at the bottom left of the work. So be sure you have zeroed your bit at the lower left corner of your work piece. Easel will walk you through the steps to be sure everything is setup correctly including asking you to correctly position the spindle at the lower left. When you answer yes to this question Easel will set that location and the work zero.

Be sure that you have run the Easel setup where it asks you to move each axis and verify it is moving in the correct direction.

If you are still having problems share you Easel project and I can look at it to see if there are any other issues.