Machine not recognizing lines

Hey all,

I have been having an issue about areas not cut. I am fairly new to this and Easel is my first program that I used. I tried what another post said and checked areas not cut section, but that section never came up.

I have been working on crib boards, and I have rebuilt my programs 40 ways from Sunday and I can’t figure out why the machine sometimes will not finish a line, and other times ignore the line completely.


I have a Genmitsu 6050 machine. It may be haunted…… I have had other random issues as well.
The program I am working on currently, I built in Corel Draw, then imported into Easel. That seemed to work great. The program link if anyone can offer some advice.

Even with the new program, it is still missing lines.


The way you are making the end curves, covering parts of them up, and what appears to be a tool pathing issue in Easel is causing the issue. You can submit your file to Inventables for assistance so that they can check out what is going on where the lines to be carved do not have tool paths generated. This will help to improve Easel…


I would change how I make my curves. Here is a short example project showing each step in different workpieces. Just check out the three shapes that it takes and follow along. Let me know if I need to write a step-by-step sequence for this.


Brandon R. Parker

Thank you for the example Brandon. How did you draw the curves? I struggled to do that. I could not figure out how to just draw half circle. I looked up on line and covering half the full circle was the suggestion. I used the holes on a path app to make the hole layout.
Your way looks way easier lol…
Also, the version imported from Corel didn’t have any covers on the circles, and it still missed the corners, in the last pic.

Sorry, I should have asked that better. How did you convert Workpiece 1 and 2 into Workpiece 3 and 4?
1 and 2 are the way I did them, but I couldn’t figure out how to get to 3 and 4

No problem…

All you have to do is:

  1. Select the objects
  2. Combine the objects
  3. Change Cut Path to “Cut on path”
  4. Change depth of cut as desired

Once you do both pieces like that, just align them center and left.


Brandon R. Parker

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