Machine Setup Implementation

The machine setup implementation really needs some work. Why not save the last used machine settings with the user account login?

Seems every time I go to use Easel, the default machine settings are set wrong. I have a 1000mm machine with ACME lead screw and Dewalt611, but more than not a new project will default to the 500mm machine with stock lead screw and spindle. Unchecked, this can cause some very dangerous things to happen, including the Z axis to bury too deep.

Also, because I have to continually visit machine setup to enter in the proper settings, GRBL $102 keeps defaulting to $102=188.96. $100 and $101 seem to hold custom settings just fine however.

Why is there no option to return to the project I was last working on from the Machine Setup mode?

Either entering into or backing out of the setup dialog via the browser quite often causes the last worked on project not to save for some reason.

From what it sounds like, every time to load Easel, you are taken to this screen?

Edit: BTW that is NOT normal. The setup only needs to be run once. is the correct URL you should be using. is NOT.

That’s what I’m seeing, correct.

The URL I use for Easel is:

Clicking on the “Set Up Your Machine” button under the Machine menu always takes me to

Are you being directed to another URL for machine setup?

Why are you clicking on “Set up your Machine?”
Only do that once.
You do NOT need to do that every time you carve.

The settings are not holding for me that’s why. If I close my browser, then restart it and go to Easel, the settings are back to defaults (500mm rail, stock spindle, stock screw). Clearing browser cache doesn’t work either.
Bad Arduino or G-Sheild perhaps?

What makes you think settings like screw type are not saved?
Please open your machine inspector settings and post the results.

Same thing happens to me. I didn’t know it was supposed to be any different.

I think you might be on to something there Phil! Using a 3rd party USB 3.0 card in my tower (Sonnet) to connect to the X-Carve. It could be looking for a different port right off the bat and returning default values every time I enter into Easel.
Note that other than the settings not saving, my machine runs just fine. Anyone know how manual port setting might be possible with the latest Easel local driver for Mac (.26)?

Re-flashing the Arduino to defaults ($rst=*) in Easel seemed to help for the time being. Safari remembers my machine settings from a cold start. However, Firefox still does not. My G-Sheild also now retains my custom setting for $102.

Spoke to inventables support today on the phone. They said that Easel is actually optimized for Google Chrome in case anyone was wondering.

All this being said, I think it would be great to have some sort of easy to access display somewhere in Easel that shows what it thinks the all the current Machine Settings are, just in case something goes haywire for some reason. Nothing worse than running a carve with the wrong settings and watching the Z-Axis plunge deep into the wasteboard

Machine->Advanced settings->Machine Inspector

You might have to hit the refresh button on the “settings” section

Ahh, ok, thanks for clarifying that Phil.
Any other GRBL setting other than $102 that I should look for that would tell me that the ACME screw is selected?

Nice, ok I’ll just go ahead and use the console from now on to confirm the settings.

Still, Easel could be more clear about the process here. Perhaps the Machine Setup button should be moved to a different place altogether if it’s not really meant to be accessed that often. For a new user it is most intuitive to double check settings there first


Trying to figure out which motion control to choose in the setup… I just bought a older machine and am new to this. The "box doesn’t have the e stop button " if this matters… please help.

Choose gshield and ACME screw, whatever you choose the settings can always be changed later.