Machine stops cutting in the middle of the project

I was cutting a project and my first try doing the detail cut the machine went crazy destroying some expensive wood. Maybe it was my fault so I slowed the feed rate way down and did shallower cut depths.Then I put some new (expensive) wood down and restarted the project and the Machine just froze and would not respond halfway through the cutting process. It has also taken about a hour to start carving after clicking carve. Burnt a whole 15 hour day and some expensive materials.

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I’m not an easel user at all, but I do a simulation on all my work before I actually set the tool to the work. Ruining expensive wood isn’t much fun. Been there and done that. The worst was when I buried the tool into a hundred dollar curly maple guitar top. I’d recommend cutting air first so you can see what it does. Obviously a long carve might require something else like some type of cutviewer software that will speed it though the gcode faster.