Machine stops during home sequence was working now stops

Im a newbie here. Did one project and it seemed to work well just not centered
Started a new project now it wont home just stops to the left then does not go to the bottoms

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Which model cnc?
And in easel when homing fails please press ctrl+shift+d to open the machine inspector page where there should be an alarm status showing to indicate the reason for the fault based on a alarm number code

Also the indicators at the top of this page can be used to verify the functionality of the limit switches.

Sounds like you opened a limit switch. Turn the controller off, manually move the spindle away from the left side of the machine, turn controller back on then use the jog buttons to see if all steppers are responding with the right direction. if so check your machine settings to make sure homing is enabled. when you bring the jog buttons up it should tell you at the bottom of that window if homing is disabled.

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