Machine stops in middle of carve

Does anyone know why my machine just stops while its carving with out finishing the carve.
Thank you and please

Hello David and welcome to the forum.
How old is your computer?
Did it just start this or is this the first time you’re running the machine?

We’ll my computer is 9 or 10 years old. But it has Windows 10 installed.

I’m new to this ,so it the first time running I guess with this laptop. Been three months and I haven’t completed one carve. I’m just trying to carve a simple three or four words sign no luck at all and I try every other day.

When I first started I had an old 2008 laptop that came with windows Vista, I had upgraded to windows 7 and the computer worked fine but when I tried to carve it would stop during the carve. I did some research and figured out that the USB port wasn’t powerful enough. I bought a new laptop and never had that problem again.
Do you have another computer that you could try?

Do other windows popup…like updates?..what is your screen saver setting? I had to put my laptop into airplane mode and I move the mouse every once in a while without opening anything.