Machine Terminal on main interface, not just the machine inspector

I find myself using the machine inspector a lot and would love to have an option to have the terminal on the main easel interface as an expandable tab. A scrollable x frame at the bottom, like a linux xterm would be awesome!

This is a great idea that would improve the usability for many of us using Easel.

My current work around to this involves exporting the gcode file from easel (go to project>download gcode) and then using a dedicated Gcode Sender like OpenBuilds Control. It has the data from machine inspector readily available on screen during the entire carve. Yeah it’s an extra step, but it also has buttons there for G28 and G30 as you had brought up in the other thread :slight_smile:

Here’s a quick intro to the program:

Thanks, I’ll check it out!

While I am fairly new to Easel, I was also thinking this would a great feature. Another option in the mean time is to load Easel in a different window (not just another tab), launch the Machine Inspector in the new window, then do your carve in the original window. The Machine inspector actively follows what is going on with the X-Carve. With two different windows, you can split the screen and watch the Machine Inspector and the progress bar at the same time. Maybe not optimal but better that nothing.