Machine will only cut 3 mm into wood

I have a generic 3018 machine that I have modified to 3060, I also replaced the control board with a Sainsmart board.

I have recalibrated it and x and y axis function fine BUT I cannot get the bit to cut any more then 3 mm into the wood. no matter what thickness os wood ( and thus the starting height) it stops cutting at 3 mm.

Any thought on what I have done to cause this… my senses say it has to do with the controller change

Is the z axis bottoming out with no additional room to travel?

The spindle may need lowered within its clamp…

no, z axis has a full range of motion right through the material.

Verify the $132 setting which is the software contolled limit of travel for the z axis.

just having lunch, will check when i go back to shop. what range should it be in?

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It needs to match the amount of mm that the z axis can possibly travel.

travel is 100 mm and that is what it is set at, earlies today i upped it to 250 to see what it would do and there was no change.

got it …tried reinstalling my machine and problem cleared up.

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