Machine won't home, issue with Y Axis

X-Carve Pro is having issues homing. We’ve been using the machine for a couple years…works great. We love it.

Having an issue homing the machine. Y axis reaches “parking spot” then keeps trying to go further, with a griding sound. Then machine stops. X axis does not even come close to the limit switch, so it appears to be not in play.

  1. Machine is clean of debris.
  2. Tested all limit switches. All light green when pressed using the diagnostic procedure.
  3. Just being overly diligent, tested, removed and checked the X axis switch and bracket. All good.

Help! I have work to do and X-Carve is dead in the water. Thanks!

The limit switches on the pro are inherently weak and prone to easily being broken from crashes… you can press ctrl+shift+D in easel to open the machine inspector page and manually press each of the y1 and y2 limit switches to verify they are functioning and signalling properly.