Machine won't move when prompted through easel

I’m needing help- my machine isn’t moving, but I can hear that it’s trying when i to jog the machine in Easel. i haven’t used the machine for awhile/had given to a family member to use and they we unable to get it to move also. i have the machine back and i’m trying to get it work again. Any direction on how to make the machine move or what i need to check.

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@PamelaRensink are you able to manually move the X and Y axis’s? Z you should be able to rotate the pulley on top.

With the machine power off move the X axis to the center of the machine, also move the Y axis to the center of the machine. Last, make sure the z axis is about 1/2 way down. This way we know none of the limit switches are currently in contact throwing an error.

Now connect the machine to computer, power up and go into easel to home the machine…

Let us know how this works…

By manually move- do you mean move the spindle both forward and backwards, yes i can do this. i can also rotate the pulley on top to move the Z axis. So i tried to move X and Y and Z axis to the center, then turning the machine on. It still will not move by me using the keypad to jog the machine in Easel, i hear it attempting, but nothing happens.

@SethCNC do you have any ideas?

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