Machining shapes with fusion 360?

I’m looking to machine out some of my favorite race track silhouettes from wood but I’m not sure how to instruct fusion 360 to do so? I could do adaptive clearing but then ill be turning a large chunk of wood into a huge pile of

shavings. is there a way to machine only around the shape without removing all the material in the center as well?

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try a 2d contour toolpath.
it will follow the outline and inside, use tabs as necessary.

that worked perfectly thank you! I am getting a new error now however. I am trying a simple shape but chilipeppr stops shortly after beggining and gives the error “% not allowed”, “Bad number format”, “Invalid command”. I cant find the meaning or solution to this at all.

Here is the Gcode for what I am doing if it helps and a screen shot of the error. (3.0 KB)

I don’t have any experience with chilipeppr.
I use UGS on a raspberry pi2.
check your post process settings and try to post process it again

here are my setting, i also use G28 which is amazing

Remove the % sign from the beginning and end of the program