Macro after job is done?

Right now I am moving the spindle 100mm left on the X axis and 200mm on the Y axis after the cutting job is done so I can access the workpiece and swap it. I am pressing “Carve” and then editing the “10mm” to “100mm” and then press LEFT x 1 and UP x 2.

Is it possible to make this process less tedious with an macro or something after the job is done?

Set a location with G28.1, and add G28 to the end of your files.

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Can’t add movement commands to the end of Easel carves. :frowning:

A user menu might be nice, but I’d like to see a complete overhaul of the entire user interface for easel. A simple button up there for ‘post-carve’ that would accomplish a move after a carve would be great. Just one click…boom! Move it out of the way.

I’ve written elsewhere on these forums about what Inventables could do to rework the interface. They move slowly.

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In another post, I used a program called QuicKeys to automate keyboard tasks and mapped them to the Function keys. I have 3 function keys programmed. F1 is for the 3-axis auto-probe, F2 moves to G28 and F3 moves to G30.

You could use something similar to do the same thing, it’s just keyboard macro software. Lots of apps are available on the web.

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Bummer :unamused:.

Can you export g-gode i easel?