Macros like in UGS

When will there be macros or anything similar in easel?

I have a touch plate and use the macros tab to set a true zero for my machine. It also makes bit changes very very accurate. I generate the codes to set the zero using a pre set formula on a excel spread sheet. All that is needed is tool size and plate thickness. From there it will generate 3 lines for code one for x,y and z. All this is needed is to copy and paste into c1 c2 and c3.

Any idea on when a similar system will be in use?

I don’t fully understand what you are asking for. Can you please describe it a bit more?

Surely though all you’re doing is in effect creating a macro to add support for your touch plate in UGS. If Easel natively had touch plate support, wouldn’t your need for macro support go away ?

in this case, sure, but the ability to set your own command strings to call on would be very helpful.

I’m looking for a automatic and repeatable way to get a true zero. Now I can import my files from aspire sweet!! But still need UGS and my touch plate to zero my machine to work peace.

I only have the picture of it in the z position for auto z zero.
By simply turning the plate on its side and running the x line of code. Adjust plate for y and run y line of code

A system like this would be nice to see. It it was avable I would not to use UGS

Yes. So let’s get to getting and make this happen

Easel supports sending G Code commands directly.
Go to the Machine menu - > Advanced - > Machine Inspector button -> Console field and try that.
It’s not a macro, but at least you wont have to switch back and forth between Easel and UGS.
I keep a Sticky Note open in my computer’s background and copy and paste the commands.

Anyway, I still vote for native probe support in Easel or Macros; or both! :smile:

Ok I will try that out thanks

What I am looking for is a system like a drop down menu where you can enter your plate height and select a tool. From there it will do all the thinking and give you 3 buttons a x y and z press said button to zero said axis to plate and done. That would be sweet. Think like when you start your machine and it asks if you want to run homing cycle. Same could be added and ask if you want to run a zero cycle. Pulse a feature where if more then 1 tool is needed you can say what tools you will use and it can go to a set position for tool change then run the zero for new z height.

Nope, it’s nothing fancy like that. You can open the file, and copy and paste the lines one at a time.

Any one interested in the excel file I have? I did not create it but I was told I can give it out


yes please!

It will be up tonight I have not forgot about you guys

Zeroing.xlsm (446.8 KB)

you have to enable macros for it to work properly
Instructions are included in the file

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