Mahogany wood

A good friend of mine has a bunch of old church benches made out of mahogany and he is interested in letting them go for $60 per. they are 10 feet long and he has the cushions as well. Great for those wanting to make a nice little yard bench and these benches are tough. You will have to discuss the details with him. His name is John and I will have to act as the messenger as he does not have a computer.
We are located in So California.

Just thought I would post here for those of you who like to work with this stuff. There are no markings or religious symbols either so you can take the ends off and carve them and put it back on. Well you get the idea.

Delivery to Australia??
I wish.

Yea unfortunately there is no transporter yet.

Where in So Cal? Are those pews solid wood?

Where?: Chino near LA
Yes they are solid wood.

This wood is still available.

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Are the church benches still available?

They were all sold. There are some more that he has coming I will ask about them and let you know by Saturday eavning