Maintaing triangle angles

I want to create 16 triangles to make the base of a round item, therefor each angles has to be 11.25 on the bottom angles, but the height will vary. I only have basic Easel and cant figure out how to set the actual angle, Do I need to do the math each time to figure out the base and side lengths each time, or is there some shortcut to maintain the angles and resize the piece automatically

If you want 16 triangular wedges to come together and form a circle, each triangle’s top angle will be 360/16 or 22.5 degrees. The base angles will be (180-22.5)/2 or 78.75 degrees. Your value of 11.25 degrees seems to be the angle from vertical of the base angles rather than the interior angle.

Select the Shape Tool in the upper left corner and select a triangle. Click on the triangle and you will get the tool for width, height and rotation.

Set the height you desire in the Height window. Next, set the Width value to your height value multiplied by 0.397824735 (this is 2 / TAN(78.75) which will give your triangle the shape you need).

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