Make a drawing cut single line

So I’m trying to cut single single line diagram to use for wire inlay.
I downloaded a vector that appeared to be a single line vector, but it actually is a drawing that the lines have two vector paths.
Hope I have described this correctly.
How do I make it so the lines are single instead of double? I have the original file as a svg but I have imported it into easel.
Here is a link to the easel project.

Something isn’t right with that file, Easel wont let me move the object, I was able to use the shape Xploder app in Easel and separate the object but the object had open paths. So I downloaded the file from Easel and took it into Corel, separated the objects and closed the paths. But what I think you’re looking for is just a single line so I redrew the image as a single line.

Thank you very much.
I intend to do alot more if this, so I want to be able to do this myself.
So my best option is to export from easel, or open the original svg file in a different program?
I’ve been playing around with inkscape, so it’s probably best to use it to edit with?
So a shape always has to be connected all around? So a line that goes from point to point isn’t permitted even if I select to cut on line?

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You’re welcome,
Only if you want the shape to be able to fill, cut inside or outside line does it need to have closed paths. If you’re cutting on path you can have open paths. The easiest thing for this would be to draw the image in InkScape like I did in Corel.
Or something like that fish can be drawn in Easel, create a line and the edit the nodes. But you can do a better job in InkScape. I did an example in the Fish Outline Easel File

The fish is just a test, I’ll be doing much more complex shapes in the future (Celtic knots for example). I don’t want to have to redesign everything. However I noticed that if I delete the vector points I can get the lines down to single vector lines.
I’ll play around with some of the images that I have in mind and see how it goes.
Thanks for all your help and advice.

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