Make a project in Easel Pro without connecting to a machine

Hey Peeps! I joined a maker space recently and i’d like to get my project ready to save time on location. Is there any way to get Easel Pro to work without connecting to a machine? I’m new to Easel, i’m a heavy Fusion 360 user so it looks pretty simple. My project involves machining some aluminum, is that something i can do in the standard edition of Easel?

Thanks in Advance for your help.

When easel prompts the user to setup a cnc machine, there is an X at the upper right, you can X out of the machine setup and proceed with designing and setting up the carve.

If this X is no longer present, you can proceed with selecting “3rd party cnc” and “other” “other” and setting the work area of the machine you anticipate using, then select connect. there on the connect screen you can exit and the fake machine will still be setup in the machine list and you can proceed with the design and setting up the carve.

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