Make Magazine T-slot bed for the 1000mm

Has anyone made the t-slot bed in this video for the 1000 mm x-carve?

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It’s on my todo list. Found the material here. ~$220.{"field"%3A"%40search"%2C"seriesCode"%3A"110302261820"%2C"innerCode"%3A""%2C"sort"%3A1%2C"specSortFlag"%3A0%2C"allSpecFlag"%3A0%2C"page"%3A1%2C"pageSize"%3A"60"%2C"00000332837"%3A"998"%2C"typeCode"%3A"HFSQN4-15250"%2C"daysToShip"%3A"4"%2C"fixedInfo"%3A"MDM000013035691103022618201464180471|5"}&Tab=preview

This my cnc

Now that would be a $300 build with bracing and hardware ect and extrusion. I’d suggest flipping the slots around
to run parallel to the X axis like show on my 500mm which allows me to slide in the mdf waste board with t nuts as well and allows for better clamping positions IMO I just used t nuts and a ton of corner brackets and shimmed the bed coplanar to the spindle

post 2.

Bought 2nd hand I did not put the sticker on and did not feel like tearing it down to flip the x :wink:

sorry I was having issues getting photos to upload had to do some work ugh

with the slots running in the some direction as X you can use tnuts in every slot without the y axis end plates getting in the way and slide in the waste board on top of extrusion. just frame the heck out of it underneath and use a ton of brackets. I intend on going back to use more as I still get some vibration when cutting aluminum

I’ve got my slot bed mounted parallel to the Y axis.
Easy to feed t-nuts from in front of the machine.

I put a couple t-nuts in the slots directly behind the Y axis plates
With a washer and stub bolt each clamping them in place until I need them.