Make the preview darker for shallow cut depths so you can see the artwork

Is it possible to make the preview on both left and right sides of the Easel screen start out at a darker color shade for shallow cuts? If I set the depth of cut anywhere between .001-.02", I can’t see the artwork. Maybe make .001 start with the darkness that you currently see at .05.
(My workaround is to increase the depth if I need to see it and make changes, then remember to change it back.)

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That’s a great suggestion Steve, as I battle the dim screen all the time. I use the same workaround and only forgot to change it back two times! :frowning:

I’m with Steve. At first I thought it was the settings on my monitor. Over time I found the same problem on a total of four different computers. Then I thought it must be the sawdust buildup on my bi-focals. Seriously the contrast could be increased. It would make life a whole lot easier

Or use a user defined background color.

This needs to be a priority…you must deal with this PRONTO…it makes easel totally unworkable for me…I do a lot of engraving …

You’re absolutly right of course. I just hate workarounds for a programs.

YOWZA! AMEN ! You go bro!