Makerslide Delta 3D Printer-White Knight

Hey everyone. I am stoked to post my Rostock Max Delta 3D printer version I’m Calling “White Knight”. I modified to use Inventable"s aluminum Makerslide. I few years back I got the Shapeoko 1meter CNC kit. Since then I have upgrade to bigger router and was looking for a good use of the linear slides. I found SeeMeCNC’s opensource files and modeled it up in Vcarve Pro to fit the Makerslides. These are 1 meter length and glad to say that the stiffer Makerslides work good. This has been a long build for me but I wanted to test out and confirm everything works okay before sharing files. I used .25 melamine. Other changes Ive made from original Rostock V2 is this effector ( ) and a flying extruder mount. Attached is dxf of all parts. These drawings are dogboned for a .25 bit. The slides for the Makerslide are 3d printed. I use the Smoothie Board and 24V psu. I hope someone finds this useful if you have makerslide pieces lying around. All other parts for effector, hotend, heated bed etc are from banggood or ebay or amazon.
The build of this very similiar to SeeMeCNC Rostock build instructions if your curious about the process of assembling this printer.
White Knight Share (764.8 KB)


This is very impressive. When I upgrade my makerslide I’ll buy an extra slide and attempt a build of this. I’ve wanted a delta style 3d printer ever since getting wanhao i3. Also that CNC is very impressive. I’m guessing it can cut a full 4x8 sheet.

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Holy cow this is great, I’ve been looking for info on building a delta with maker slide. Thank you so much! I’ve downloaded your files and will likely start cutting tomorrow. If you have any tips or even a build log please post it!

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White Knight Carraige V2.1.stl (489.4 KB)

Zip has wrong sllider version. Here is correct.

Yes. I made a 5’X10’ table. The CNC gods smiled on me and I was able to build for very cheap. Some killer craigslist finds plus a old friend giving my dad a 15yr old cnc that I was able to rebuild. But it all started with learning gcode with a shapeoko.
FYI the machine will work ok without steel side supports. Pwr supply is screwed to top(under heated bed) with smoothie boards under that. This way I can have access to the smoothie.
General steps go -
1- put rails and bottom/interior parts together with steppers and electronics
2- mount psu on top board with and slide in down from above.
3- Add t nuts and assemble top section.
4- mount slides and effector, run belts

  • for top belt pulleys ( sorry no pictures ) I bent some sheet metal into U shape, pulley inside the U and a screw that goes out the top part of U and up through the top melamine with nut on end for tensioning.

    5- mount bed and connect all wires

So, what is the effective stage area for this 3d printer? width, height? It looks surprisingly large. I know the delta designs tend to have a rather sharp accuracy drop off outside of their delta, have you experienced this?

Not sure the “effective” area. Correct that around print bed perimeter there can be issues. The max build area is 200mmx200mmx300mm. I have not yet printed anything big enough to test its size limits.

Meaning, what area can the printer maintain effective accuracy. I’d love to see a some prints you made from it.

This is Abs with I’m still trying to find good temp and extrusion speed.