Makerslide screws are stripped

Is there a way short of buying a new makerslide to remedy this problem. The holes tapped in the end to mount to the gantry are stripped and the spindle rocks back and forth.

Tap them deeper and use longer screws

thanks guys, I’ll try to find a tap and longer screws.

There were issues with early wide makerslide shipping with improperly tapped holes. I had one of that batch and they sent me a new one quickly. The problem was that the tap didn’t run concentric with the holes but it ran out into the extrusion slot for each hole.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to tap those holes easily with a standard tap and t handle due to the slot. It’s worth a shot though.

You could also try using Heli-Coil thread inserts.

You can find self tapping screws long enough.

thanks guys for all of the help. I drilled and tapped the holes. all is good to go. thanks