Makerslides not screwing in right with gantry sides


I received my x-carve today and got a little too excited while assembling it. The tapped holes on my makerslides don’t line up well with the gantry sides, but instead of coming over here right away I tried to force-screw the M5s in. Here’s the aftermath (I’m at the end of step 04

  • Four screws went in perfect. Those were the first one on each side, on both the makerslides, so no alignment problems there.
  • Three screws required a fair bit of strength to drive in but look “ok”. They went in at a slight angle, but ended up all the way in without too much trouble.
  • The last screw is the one that’s getting me concerned (and making me second guess the other three that didn’t go in well). I couldn’t get it all the way in even with a lot of strength, and in the process I stripped the head :

Am I doing something stupid here? Is it to be expected that those parts (makerslides and gantry sides) may not mate perfectly? I was hoping it might be something to be expected because of the tapped holes.

Anybody else had that problem? Any idea?
What should I do if other parts don’t mate well?

That happened to me too. Loosen them all, and tighten them in small, even steps.

what you said

Yep, much better. Thanks!

(didn’t unstrip the screw, but it’s sitting flater and went in easy)

Just went through the exact same thing, except I had to drill the bolts out, and they sent me a replacement makerslide. (They really are a class crew at Inventables.)

I just finished mine, and it worked perfectly first cut out.

My main piece of advice during assembly is don’t over tighten stuff. After reading these boards for a few months I was totally paranoid, and cranked everything down.

The bolt heads strip like butter, and you will find that sometimes you will have to undo bolts in order to add a piece or change things and it becomes a real bear.

Just my 2 cents.