Making a Bench for the X-carve for only £20

Hey everyone!
This is going to be my first (proper) forum post so I should probably introduce myself.
I’m Henry and I am 15, I live in the UK and run the YouTube channel The Art Of Weapons.
When inventables approached me with the offer or reviewing the x-carve free of charge I jumped at it! I was already looking to buy a Cnc machine and normally a 1000x1000mm x-carve would be way out of my price range.
Sooo long story short, I made a bench for it in my garage and got carving!
Here is the video showing how I made the bench, my review and assembly video will be up next week!

I have done some simple and some complex long cuts in easel and have been noting but impressed!
I even have done a much more complex 3d milling operation on meshcam but that’s for a new video!