Making a cigar humidor?

Has anyone seen or can point me in the right direction on plans for making a cigar humidor with the X-Carve? I’ve been eying up the free Vectric Paradise Box and thinking about trying that. I know if you buy one they are made of Spanish Cedar and I don’t know if I can come across that or not.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Thanks Robert, I have a relative in CA that smokes and I would love to make one for him. I need more research though. There are some good videos on the net but I don’t have a table saw so I pretty much need to make it with the X-Carve.

You don’t have to make the whole box out of spanish cedar, just need to line the inside with it. I have many humidors at home and most just have an interior lining. You’ve also got to have a good seal so you don’t have a leaky humidor that can’t maintain humidity.

The key to the interior wood is being able to resist a constant state of higher humidity and also you have to watch out for wood movement due to the high internal humidity. Spanish cedar is used a lot. I’ve seen Teak used before. Here’s a page I found showing steps.

You could probably do most of the cutting with the Xcarve. The slicing the top off part may not work but you could get around that by making it 2 pieces from the start.

Where the Xcarve can actually benefit here is you could do some carvings and 3D reliefs on the sides that you can’t normally do with just a table saw.

Justin, thanks for the links and info. Looks like I need to look into a table saw in the future for projects like this. I might just build the Paradise Box and send that and tell my cousins husband to smoke em before they get stale.

Thanks again.

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It wouldn’t be difficult to adapt the process to be on the Xcarve instead of a table saw, it’d just take a whole lot longer.

I’ll see if I can draw something up in Easel soon.

Being a cigar smoker, I’ve always debated about trying to do this for myself.

That would be really cool. I’m surprised this subject hasn’t come up before. Seems like a good gift project.

Thanks again.

Here’s one of the ones I made this past year. This one is in my game room. Might be a little too big for the standard X-Carve though…


you could buy a simple pre-made humidor, but then get some brass plate and engrave their name or initials on it. depending on how you are with box making, this might be the better option.

Now that is some serious cigar smoking going on there. Nice work.

Well. I see we found who won the "I have the biggest humidor contest’. :smiley:
Impressive all the same!


Nice selection in cigars! I have two questions. Number one is what type of humidification system keeps all those at 70% humidity. Number two… When can I come over lol.

Nice job.

That’s actually the third one i built, that’s mine, the smallest one.

Number 1: I use a Cigar Oasis brand humidifiertht is good for 60 cubic feet. All the shelves are solid Spanish Cedar made on a grid type base so there’s good airflow. All shelves also have full extension rails so I can get to anything in the back.

Number 2: Bring the scotch or whiskey and you’re welcome anytime.

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