Making a jewelry ring

Is it possible to CNC a jewelery ring out of aluminum using a Carvey? What bit would be recommended? Basically it will be a ring with 5 names engraved on it.

Actually he could do it. It would be difficult.
Just do a portion at a time and then rotate the ring. Would need to line it back up each step of the way.
Also use the tool gcode ripper to do it on the curve of the ring.

I did something similar but on a larger scale 17 years ago with a larger cnc using option 2 - but back before I had a digital camera

it is possible with using a indexing head mounted in front of your machine so the clamping jaw is facing the gantry.

option 1 - you could possibly locate a ring blank onto a metal shaft and then place one end of the shaft in a indexing head. Then divide the job into 1/4’s or 1/8’s and rotate the head and blank a bit and then lock and load the next part of the job.


option 2 - lock the X axis of the cnc and get a nema 23 motor and rig up a bracket, pulley and belt and a replacement x sensor on the indexing head and the indexing head becomes your new X axis (now rotates the job), y is still y and does the details vertically on the ring and z axis does the machining depth. It does work but you need to playing with the design scaling and clamp down you X axis solid

or if you can model it up and create a STL file send it straight to Shapeways because if it is a one off it probably isn’t worth gearing up and spending all that money, Shapeways can 3d print silver etc.

Or they might have a app there for creating a ring that you can then add features to, check this one out

Interesting idea about shapeways. I wanted to make 10 different rings in a few sizes. I have a feeling it may be too hard trying to make rings on a carvey.