Making a tool for the tackle box from steel

Not too bad thought it would make a nice trinket for the tackle box.


Thank you.
I have hard drive magnets i normally use but no access to the other side of the shop due to vehicle being in the way and too lazy to back it out. I have 3 large old cast iron pouring ladles i just cast the lead in those. I use to use a small stainless mixing bowl with a handle riveted to it.

I mostly use lead for mallet heads and sinkers for fishing. Handy stuff to have around.


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.061 milling bit (1/16th inch? square nose, ball nose, fishtail?)
.003 depth per pass
10 inches a minute feed rate
Dewalt 611 set on 3 for rotational speed

…is helpful. I’ll be trying that out

I’m guessing that since the bit was off of e-bay it was HSS. I’ll probably use a tungsten bit since I have them on hand.

I’m thinking of using a block of HDPV to hold the oil bath, and just toss a pocket in the bottom for a couple of rare earth magnets to hold the steel blank and resulting cutout in place.

Thanks for the vid and good information!

bit was a tungsten carbide fishtail


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Did you design the file or buy it somewhere? Interested in trying something like this very soon.

it was a line drawing I made in gimp and converted to a svg. The hex openings were made with the polygon generator. be sure to make some test cuts of the hex sizes to make sure they fit a nut I cut mine in some scrap plastic to do a test fit.