Making a Wasteboard- inserts


I am completing the xcarve assembly and I wonder after using it for long time what is the best inserts distribution?

I bought 160 M5x13mm insert nuts but I dont know if I should follow the original 144 holes design… it seems overkill. Thoughts?

It all depends on how you plan to clamp items down. The clamps that came with my X-Carve were barely long enough to reach from hole to hole, so any larger spacing would make it so I couldn’t properly clamp material down if it was the wrong size.

Personally, I like the idea of having that many insert points. It lets you throw multiple clamps on long sides, which comes in handy when your stock is bowed or warped. Sometimes a couple clamps and/or double-sided tape isn’t enough.

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As you do most carving towards the front left of the X-Carve (at least I do), perhaps a radial pattern starting from that point. i.e. more inserts at front left with fewer at back right.

I’ve gone with t-track for my X-Carve wasteboard.

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+1 for T Track…

I would have to agree. I would keep the spacing and make longer clamps. When time comes to replace the waste board I am keeping the same amount of holes but going to stagger the holes every other row. When doing 3d carvings on large projects many clamps have to be used because the wood you buy is not as dry as you think and when material is removed the work piece can warp as it dries while being cut giving poor results. not something you want when you are 7 hours in on a 14 hour long wood carving session.

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Thanks for the suggestions, for now I am using a 9x9 grid (because 10 cm spacing, but adding extra holes in the first segments seem very tempting). The T track also seems tempting but as a very newbie I should start with baby steps with the enhancements :smiley:

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Keep in mind that the inserts should go in from the bottom for maximum strength, so if you want to add more later you’ll have to take the wasteboard off completely.

Are the M5 x 20 mm too long?

Considering my mdf is 18 mm not 3/4 inches, it seems like the tip of each screw may scratch the aluminium rail if I tight them… I am trimming down 2 mm of each screw :confused: :