Making accurate pieces

Currently trying to make very accurate pieces for an adjustable tri-pod.

The legs are 1.5 x 24 x .75 with a series of about 10 - 5/16" holes centered on piece - it is too easy to accidently bump one of these pieces off center.

My next piece is going to be the center cam, which is a hexagon with 3 tabs .75 x 1.5". Something that can be drawn in Rhino or SketchUp in 5mins, is a huge headache in Easel.

Final pieces will be square with miter two each side, with a series of dados and pockets. but will need to be very precise as they will line up of with other pieces.

Getting the piece to be exact is quite frustrating. Due to the grid lines being too vague, not having a measuring tool to double check. Guidelines and the ability to grouping pieces so they are set after drawing would be great.

If you have any tips or trick for figuring these situations out that would be great.



Have you tried the equal spacing APP? Have you tried the “Combine” feature in the drop down?

Draw it somewhere else. Why are you using Easel for this?