Making an Arch in Easel

I have made a 15 inch circle pocket and I wish to place 10 inch arch above it that follows the radius of the circle. Is there an easy way to do this or do I need to make another circle and start cutting that circle up to make my arch?

Thanks in advance.

is this what you are trying to do?

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That is pretty close and I do understand how to do that with shapes overlaying each other. I was just curious to see if I was missing something and it could be done a little easier.

Thank you for your help Steve

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Can you upload a sketch of what you want?

Thank you Steve and Henry for replying. I found and easier way to make the arc. If you make your rectangular box and then select it. You can then go to the apps and find the path warp. You can then select from different types of arcs. Place in your bend and import it. This worked for me and I found it easier than making shapes and pasting them over each other. Thank you all for your help. Example below.


Never used it but darn I will definitely remember that in the future! Thats a good App @EthanKinney


Your method is so much easier than editing the points! Thank you!!!