Making auto gaskets that are no longer available

We have worked out a quick process for making exact copies of used gaskets that are NLA, in any material. It does get a little wordy but I will post it if anyone is interested.


I would love to see your process. I usually have to make several dry runs (on cheap paper) to get the dimensions exactly correct.

Always up for a better way.

Please share! Thanks

So here we go, this is my process using what apps I have

  1. Measure the height and width of the gasket you want to duplicate.

  2. Place on a flatbed scanner, scan the now .jpg file into my desktop, (d/t), scan folder.

  3. Bring the .jpg file into photoshop elements, crop and click “save for web”
    reduce pixel count by 90%, save as optimized.

  4. Open a file converter (I use Convertio) convert the optimized .jpg file to .dxf. then download to
    my d/t, easel DXF folder.

  5. Open easel, import the now .dxf line drawing file into your setup. It will be too big to
    fit until the next step.

  6. Under Edit, choose “select all” set the height and width from step one, set the cutting
    parameters and export to my d/t, easel .nc folder.
    7 Open my CNC controller (Candle) and import the .nc file. Setup and run.

    I buy packets of mixed gasket materials from my local auto supply store and fix them to a 1/4"
    wasteboard with Spraymount.

    As they say, the devil is in the details, if you want a more detailed step by step explanation send a
    PM though you will quickly find out what adjustments need to be made for your setup.