Making molds / 3-axis CNC operations

As an avid R/C pilot and glider pilot I often aspire to do RC/aircraft related work on my CNC. I recently discovered a youtube channel touching in on several issues that easily fit the Xcarve/hobby CNC router machines out here so I desided to post a few of DarkAero Inc videos :slight_smile:

I have no personal interest or affiliation with DarkAero Inc, I just love tech-stuff and wanted to share their informative series.

TIme willing, I’ll use the same kind of workflow creating own projects, albeit on a smaller scale! :wink:

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Wow, what a rabbit hole you’ve just sent me down. Those molds are insane!

Great share. Not only was this interesting to watch, I found a lot of useful information within each video. Does a great job explaining the machine and materials which kept this series very interesting to watch.

Lesson learned; understanding the equipment and materials beyond the basics. Similar to his food analogy, having the tools that are capable of making great things is different than knowing how to properly use them. I don’t believe you have to achieve Gordon Ramsey level of expertise, but you should be able to impress him. This is when you will find the results you are looking for.

Exactly, I found the same :slight_smile:
There are nice tidbits in some of their other videos aswell so well worth the time exploring :slight_smile:

You are welcome (?!) :joy:

Here is another one from the same source which I found very inspirational, 2-sided carve with alignment base, use of tabs and more + Soft jaws in the 2nd link:

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Flat, parallel and square ~ some good advice there!