Making new CNC router with Xcarve

So for some crazy reason I have decided to try to make another cnc router. I guess it is mostly just to see if I can.I definitely don’t have room for one or a use for one either but hey, wife needs something else to fuss at me about :grin:.
I am trying to make it as cheap (money wwise) as possible but still able to at least compete with the Xcarve. It is a mixture of many designs found online : Root 3, MostlyPrintedCnc, Gatton CNC and a lot of my own design. I plan to use the old power supply and controller from the Xcarve to start with…I may change that later on.
It has been slow going because life keep getting in the way and it will probably be awhile before I ever finish it.
Here are some photos of the progress so far. Please ignore the spider webs…I really need to clean my building !!


Not sure why my writing came out the way it did in first post ??
Here are a couple more pics:


Hmmm…not sure how I did that. :grin:


Very interesting. Looks cool, cant wait to see it cut. I have a Gatton and love it. The rails… is that gas pipe?

Using 3/4" conduit (approx. 1/8 wall thickness) and around 60 roller skate bearings. It’s been a fun project so far, just wish I had more time to work on it. It has taken me forever to get this far but that has a lot to do with me changing the design as i go and having to redo things because of it.:grin:

My main concern will be the rigidity of the machine but so far i think it will be pretty sturdy.

Thanks for the replies!!


Is there any update to the project?