Making pit in wood

How to make a dimple/cavity for example inside a bowl in wood with x-carve, and which bits should be used.
I´m going to make a stand for bowling ball

Sorry about my poor english…

@KristianAng You can carve a pocket with a straight bit, that will give you vertical walls and 90degree sharp corners at top and bottom edges of the wall. You can round over the top edge with hand held or table mounted router.
You can use a bowl bit, which will give vertical walls with a radiused transition at the bottom of the bowl,
Again you can radius the top edge with a router.
A trick I like is to lay out your pocket (dimple/cavity) and put in a 60degree V bit in for the finishing pass, then use a small ball bit (1/4"???) for the detail finishing cut, you get a nice smooth dimple with sloped sides radiused at the bottom transition &if needed you can radius the top edge with a router.

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