Making room for the X-Carve pro

I’m sure like a lot of you I was eager to receive my machine but was not excited about giving up valuable workbench space. I was able to rig up a lift to the ceiling with four 30" linear actuators. It gets the machine almost completely out of the way and the twin sheet keeps it reasonably clean so far. A great option so far in case anyone is interested.


That’s amazing. I especially like the light underneath.

Are you worried about keeping the surface flat as it moves up and down?

Before I got mine, I gave some thought to what it would take to do something to move the machine out of the way, but with just 8’ ceilings in the basement and some low ducting, it wouldn’t be much higher, and then I’d have to keep that area clear to use it (which might be the harder task).

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Yes I think you have to have at least 9 feet to make this work. By my math with the actuators being stroke to length ratio. You could try a flip table?

It doesn’t go up and down perfectly level. But it’s close. And everything is secured. So repeat level on the table is easy once it’s down all the way.

That was the other idea I had. In the end, I think it works better for me to have it always down, because then I feel more drive to use the CNC regularly (since it’s always there), rather than becoming a tool that ends up getting ignored because I don’t want to set it up.

I have enough room in my workshop that it’s not too annoying yet. On the other hand, the sound is pretty annoying to everyone else… maybe even a few neighbors. :grimacing:

Just a heads up, al long as the frame and the surface it’s mounted on is RIGID and the wasteboard is surfaced , then “level” to earth’s gravity doesn’t really matter at all for the cnc operation.

The use of a bubble level in the assembly is simply to make it so that less material is skimmed off of the wasteboard after the assembly is complete. :+1:

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