Making space between cabinets

I’m trying to make a desk. Placed two base cabinets on wall trying to put a space between them for a drawer cabinet between them at under the countertop heigth. How do i put a space between cabinets and place a pencil drawer at countertop heigth


I don’t believe there is currently a way to place cabinets at a given height from the floor or ceiling. It might have been asked about before but I think a nice added feature would be to have an option to place a cabinet “X” amount of inches from the floor/left wall/right wall for base cabinets and an option to place a cabinet “X” amount of inches from the ceiling/left wall/right wall for upper cabinets. Currently you can do gaps to accommodate spacing cabinets away from each other and spaced away from walls but you can’t create gaps up and down from the floor or ceiling.

It looks like Easel Cabinetmaker is limited to 5" being the smallest base cabinet height you can make, therefore your smallest drawer size is 5". That might be to big for a pencil drawer. You’d also have to turn off the toe kick to get it to work as a pencil drawer which means if your two side cabinets need toe kicks you can’t do this because toe kicks on/off are a project based option, not an individual cabinet option.

Short answer is you can’t do this visually at all in easel cabinetmaker because you can’t raise a cabinet off the floor by a given amount, it has to sit on the floor if it’s a base cabinet. You could build a cabinet on the floor to get it on the same cut list but you can’t turn off the toe kick for that cabinet and still have a toe kick on the others so you’d need to do two different projects.

I know all of the above is probably real wordy so I’ve put links to two projects I put together to show what I mean.

Two side cabinets with middle gap for pencil drawer.

Two gaps on each side with a 5" tall pencil drawer.

I hope this helps somewhat or gives you an idea of current capabilities. Hopefully some of this will be added in the future. Apologies for my rambling!


thanks, your explanation was helpful. I didn’t mind the words. I just need to figure out the gap process.

So generally when you start putting in cabinets it builds from left to right on the wall. So your list of cabinets is top to bottom on the list and left to right on the screen as drawn. So your leftmost cabinet will be at the top of your list and your rightmost cabinet will be on the bottom of your list.

If you want two cabinets with a gap in the middle add a cabinet to your list then add a gap then add another cabinet.


Thanks again for the help