Making stars in Vcarve Desktop for rustic flag

Can’t remember where but someone was asking about making stars in Easel. I found it was must easier to design in Vcarve Desktop and use Easel as the gcode sender. It worked perfectly. The video is more about the flag. If anyone is interested in the design of the stars. Let me know in the comments


I’ve always laid out my stars in just easel. Didn’t have any trouble, just got my diameter of the star, positioned on the correct interval and hit carve. What made it easier for you in vcarve vs using easel?

Awesome work! Do you mind sharing the code for making the stars can’t seem to get mine to come out right

stars for flag

Not sure that I did this correctly, but here is the gcode file for the stars from vcarve desktop. If this does not work explain how to share file thanks

I have not been able to modify the stars in easel to make them straight, sharp and crisp as I can in Vcarve Desktop.

thats awesome. im gonna line the machine up and give it a shot

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I hope it works well for you. Post pictures of the finished flag

Oh, by the way, don’t forget the 0,0 point is in the center of the workpiece

A bit of advice, don’t use Gcode from someone else. Their settings and yours may be completely different and lead to disaster.

Phillip, all I did was find a star on google, convert it to svg in inkscape and import to easel. Not sure what method you used. Be sure when editing the side of it to lock the dimensions so it doesn’t get distorted.

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I agree. I’m not a fan of sharing gcode but when asked I will try to help. It is up to the user to be careful when using it

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Hi Phillip. You may be referring to me. I was asking abut inlaying stars on the flag.

Your project turned out really nice. Thank you for sharing. I did something similar to your flag a few months ago using the staining method as well. I didn’t use the back supports like you did and mine didn’t turn out very flat. How did your’s go with the overall flatness of the flag?

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Excellent. The only variation is in the wood itself being furring strips