Makita 1/8 collet

Does anyone know if the Makita 1/8 collet gets used in conjunction with the 1/4 collet or does it get used alone my 1/4 in collet was damaged somehow that I still can’t figure out but that’s besides the point lol anyway I have ordered both the original Makita 1/8 and 1/4 the 1/8 came today still waiting on the 1/4 however the 1/8 will not fit into the router snug is it supposed to be used with 1/4 or did they send wrong one? Thanks In advance for any info

Where’d you purchase this from?

I’ve seen people search amazon and order that one, but the one that appears in an amazon search is actually a Makita grinder collet, not a router one and it has different geometry and fits as you’ve described, loosely…

I did get it from Amazon but can say with 100% certainty it’s not for the grinder as I have the grinder as well I guess I’ll wait and see when my 1/4 in collet gets here cus it does have a 1/4 in shaft coming off the cone so I’m hoping and thinking maybe it gets used with the 1/4 in collet thanks tho

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Well never mind lol I just read that its a direct fit so it would get used alone so now I’m thinking I have the wrong collet again lol

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Post a pic of what you have or a link for what you ordered.


ok so it is the Makita drywall cutting tool collet @NeilFerreri1 thanks and sorry I shoulda posted pics to begin with

I did end up getting it replaced with the correct one however This collet will work by inserting the shaft into the 1/4in collet and tighten like normal

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