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Makita Router Installed

When I had DeWalt router installed it was easy to change from 1/8" shank bits to 1/4" shank bits but this is not the case with the how installed Makita. Once the 1/8" collet coupler is installed good luck getting out to use the 1/4" without removing the router from the z-axis base. I can find the secret handshake to make this happen.

are you using the 1/4" to 1/8" adapter sleeve? Those can be a pain to get out from even the dewalt if it gets shoved up in too far…

Maybe try a collet that is sized correctly for the 1/8" bit…

OR The carbide router is a makita clone, so those will work also…

Another 1/8" collet option:

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@LukeWilson1 , why is this not also in the collets section where I looked before going offsite? :stuck_out_tongue:

@SethCNC we can only put it in one spot, so for now it is in X-Carve Upgrades, but it will migrate to the collets category eventually!


This is what I used with the DeWalt, When I needed to change collet to hold 1/4 this was an easy change as the 1/8 collet is housed in the spindle nut so all I had to do is remove it (collet came out with the spindle nut and replace it with the 1/4" collet coupler and spindle nut. With the Makita, the collet coupler is stuck up in the spindle so it is not a quick and easy change from one shank size to another as with the DeWalt.

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Hey gang,
I just completed the ‘upgrade’ from the DeWalt 611 to the Makita and was wondering what your typical speed setting is for operation. I ran the DeWalt at about 1 1/2 - 2 for nearly everything.
Will also add the Makita is significantly quieter than the DeWalt. Not sure if it’s just because it’s new or if it will stay that way :slight_smile:

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the main benefit of the Makita is you can run slower RPM, generating larger chips (which the other upgrades can now accommodate without belt stretch and Z axis chatter)

So i would run it at 1, . . . .or maybe 2 for small bit in soft woods at a faster feed rate.

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Thx @SethCNC … Going to take it for a run tomorrow in some hard maple.

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Went through three belts today. They keep stretching. Is there a stronger 9mm belt then what inventables sells in their site? Any pros or cons to it compared to the 9mm wide 3mm pitch belts?

you did the tensioning properly? to about 3lbs at 1" deflection

Hi Marie. I’ve used the Makita since getting my X-Carve as the DeWalt isn’t easily available in the Land Down Under and yes, the collet change is a bit of a pain. I use the short end of an Allen key in the hole in the side of the shaft to push down on the top of the collet. You can usually get the collet to drop enough to grab it with a small pair of pliers and wiggle the collet out.
If there’s an easier way to do it I would also like to know. :smiley:

@SethCNC so after burning through a few belts and watching the video you posted, i reset my belt tension with new belts to around 2.6lbs per 1” lift (for starters). so far so good. this is the first time i’ve really pushed my upgrade to its limits and i realized i had to pull back a bit. the belt tension, particularly when cutting duplicates, is about finding the sweet spot. its really opened my eyes how operation really comes down to belts. i’ve owned my xcarve now for 6 years, never having to tighten my belts, breaking a belt or other maintenance. so i’m chalking this up as finding just where the upgrade sits as far as performance. it is better for sure, but does have a ceiling. thanks for the tips as i think i’m back in biz.

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I am on the verge of pulling the trigger to buy the x carve but was wondering if there is another option besides the Makita router? I was looking at the router motor that is sold by woodpecker, I know it is a rebrand in name and had been sold by others inn a different. The reason for considering the other motor is the collet selection over a standard router collet build. Can anyone lend any info as to will the other motor work in the holder made for the Makita, I did do a mild search but did not come up with much.


No it will not work in the holder made for the Makita, the Makita holder is 65mm. Some people have made larger mounts for bigger routers.

Thanks for the suggestion. I did a carve yesterday using the 1/16 compression bit and it’s still stuck in the spindle. I’ve tried various methods to remove it but it just won’t budge. This is ridiculous, did Inventables not experience this issue or just overlooked when testing replacements? I’m close to requesting a return and re-installing the DeWalt. The so called benefits of the Makita does not out weight fighting bit removal.

Are you using a reducer sleeve or the actual 1/8" collet?

IMO id keep the 65mm mount and go for a true spindle, no brushes to deal with… I have a watercooled and love it. I just run the water lines with my dust collection to keep the chain free of the bulky hoses and I don’t like water near power…but many 65mm spindle and vfd setups on Amazon for like $350 , and no more brushes to deal with failing mid carve, I consider it a sound investment.

And the collets of the er16 or er11 actually are attached to the nut, so when you remove the nut, the collet and bit comes out with it, totally resolving your current issue…