Makita router too small for mount

So, after waiting several days to get a replacement x axis makerslide I was able to start building the machine again.

No big deal. Stuff gets damaged in shipping all the time and the response from inventables was super fast.

After a night of trying to file and fit custom shims to get the gantry assembled due to offset v wheel alignments on either a warped slide or a warped carriage, I gave up on that and got it as good as I can without pulling the rest of my thinning hair out.

On to the z axis.

Then the router mount.

Then the makita router doesn’t fit the spindle mount.

The box is clearly marked “makita spindlemount.”

The body of the makita measures 2.551".

The mount measures 2.65" as best i can tell without borrowing a bore gage from work.

Is it possible that the mount got relabeled from an unused stock of dewalt parts?

I have a 3d printer so i could print a sleeve, and i have a lathe so i can turn an aluminum sleeve, but thats nonsense for a 2500 wonky piece of crap.

Im tempted to send the entire heap back in a crate, let them sort the mess and demand a refund.

Any thoughts?

that’s a dewalt mount, shim the Makita to fit with a sleeve.

Who exactly did you purchase this from? Directly off the Inventables website or through a reseller? definitely looks like old stock of the DeWalt 611 style 69mm size mount. I sell 3d Printed Shims through Etsy for ppl not wanting to buy the metal one in the right size when upgrading older machines so if you want the model it’s on thingiverse already drawn up, but I’d call up Inventables again and get them to send the right one!! You can also shim it with some pieces of aluminum can careful cut from the sides of the cans to make sheets, about 3 or 4 sheets and it’ll take up the air gap. at least until the replacement arrives.

Yep, straight from inventables. Contacted support again yesterday. Will wait and see what they’re going to do about it. Already modeled a temporary adapter and printed it last night just to keep going with the build. I’m not entirely sure why they didn’t just use the same extrusion for both and add a sleeve from the start…


Heard from support early Monday and confirmed that somehow a dewalt mount got shipped instead and they’ll overnight the proper makita mount.

I have to say that the support contact has been some of the best I’ve ever experienced, helping to fix any problems with parts super fast.

Part should be here today, and in the meantime- “Johnny 5 is ALIVE”