Makita RT0700 cooling air cover (3D printed)

I create it to control dust blowing from router cooling. STL file attached.

makita_cooling.stl (557.3 KB)


I’ve seen variations of these a few times but I’m having a hard time understanding their benefit.

Can you elaborate on it’s benefits?

Definitely going to print one of these on my SLA 3d printer. I was planning to draw something up for my Makita. Thanks for sharing.

It keeps the air that cools the motor from blowing dust / chips everywhere.

Yes if you don’t use dust sucker then all dust blowing to air and have big mess. This invention prevent direct air blowing to table

Does this make the dust collector non essential?

no, just stops it blowing dust off the sides of the machine / into the air

I’d say this is only for people that don’t have a dust boot. if you have a boot you would want the spindle blow down on the material, causes agitation so you can get the particles airborne and out into the hose. It’s also useful for people using a mister or liquid lubricant, so it doesn’t blow your lube off the tool area.

Nice. How does this attach?

It’s fits perfectly. Just push it to place and it keeps.