Makita RT0700C shaft extention C8 or C10?

Hey guys and girls!

I want to extend my router shaft a little bit since the router hits mu dustshoe when I mill deeper than 10mm. Now, I’ve looked on the forum and I see people talking both about C8 ER11 and C10. Would anyone have some advise on what C size I would need?

I’m planning on buying one from ebay with a couple of collets. I think the shaft should be 25 to 50 mm long,

many thanks!

Personally I would steer clear of extensions. I imagine it will have a negative effect on cut quality, and also add chatter.

Obviously it’s entirely up to you, and you are just trying to solve a problem, but I don’t think this would be the way to go.
I think I would look at replacing/modifying your existing dust shoe first

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Care to post a pic of your current dust shoe?

I purchased a number of ER11, 4" longe extensions and cut them down to 2 3/4" and the installed locking collars on the shafts the same depth as my Makita 8 mm collet for indexng… I also made up some ER16 extensions of the same size as the ER11 ones for my Hatachi M12vc 12mm collet. As far as deflection goes I haven’t seen it and I have around 14 years of machining experience. In fact we used them quite a bit especially for tight places. You are not going to generate the kind of force on the X-Carve that you would on a bigger machine. The bit will deflect before the adapter shaft will.

Here is my first attempt at uploading anything to a forumDSC00049

A better shot-DSC00048

Care to post a pic of your current dust shoe?

Sure, I’ve attached two pics of my dustshoe. It is the one from inventables. Please note that in the zoomed out version I’ve removed the plastic Spindle Insert Plate so it would fit for this project. (but than the dust shoe only works about 50%…)
At first I was thinking of cutting as custom Spindle insert plate with the margin for the red knob that hits the plate. But I wish to keep as much gaps closed for optimal suction.

Ah, that’s great news to hear :slight_smile:

  • Why do you need a locking collar?
    Just to get the same height every time?
    Or would you jam the shaft too deep in the machine otherwise?


  • What diameter shaft would I want to order? I’ve read about C8 / 8mm and C10 / 10mm.
  • What keeps the new extension in place? Do I need a collet for that?
    And would a 10mm collet fit in the first place?

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I’ve processed all the info and this is what I think to understand now.

  • I need a ER11 extension
  • It the outside diameter of the extension shaft needs to be C8 / 8mm
  • I need an extra/new Makita 8mm collet in the clamp of the Makita to hold the new extension in place/ secure it.
  • I think I would like the locking collar for leveling the shaft in the machine. The inside diameter of the shaft of the machine itself is 10mm and the new shaft outside diameter is 8mm. The locking collar would keep it 90degrees/level.

Please correct me if I’m wrong :smile:

Personally, I would just cut a bigger hole in the insert plate (or cut a notch for the red button to fit into. The spindle vents downward and as long as your vacuum keeps a negative pressure you won’t be blowing dust all over.

I used locking collars for indexing as I am using Mach 3 and have a tool library for 255 tools. Once I set the tool length I simply insert do a M6T# and that’s it until I remove and replace the tool in the holder.Tool changes are lot easier and faster. I have a Makita 700 with a 8 mm collet from Precise Bits. it cost about $24,00 if I remember right. The extensions I bought were C8-100 and I paid around $6.50 a piece. The collars were rather expensive- I paid around $40.00 for ten of them. Get the ones with two screws and try to keep the gaps as close to equal as possible. I did it by eye and got them “close enough”. Yes it would keep the tooling at 90 degrees/level.

Hey guys!
Thanks for all your feedback!! I now feel confident enough to order the tool.
This is the cuck I’ve ordered:

Now I’ll hunt down a locking coller.

In the meantime I’ll also test with a custom cut spindle plate with space cut out for the red locking button. This since I’ll have to wait a month for my order. This way I can test both approaches :smile:

Once again thank you all for the feedback! And have a good one!

Maybe check out a different spindle mount where you can slide the router down more. I used the Bosch Colt mount for my Makita for a while, but have switched to this beefier 65mm mount on ebay

Edit: I realized now this would not solve your problem. I modified Phil’s dust shoe design and it’s got clearance for the whole router to pass through. Probably not as efficient at collecting dust though.