Makita RT701C RPM testing

I’m looking into the Makita RT701C as an upgrade to my machine and I did some testing to see how it performs right out of the box.

The numbers here are with the router running without a load.

At a setting of:

1.0 ~ 8600 RPM
1.5 ~ 10,030 RPM
2.0 ~ 12,190 RPM
2.5 ~ 14,030 RPM
3.0 ~ 16,940 RPM
3.5 ~ 19,320 RPM
4.0 ~ 21,725 RPM
4.5 ~ 24,200 RPM
5.0 ~ 26,750 RPM
5.5 ~ 28,900 RPM
6.0 ~ 29,975 RPM

Since the router has built in RPM control under load the numbers should be similar when the router is cutting.

Maybe this will help those that like to calculate their feed rate.

Here’s the test setup:


That’s funny - I have the same router, the same CyberTech tach and got the SAME numbers. I put sharpie mark on my router housing too. I also put a mark on the dial at 18k rpms so I could have a consistent speed for aluminum. I had to color my collet nut with a sharpie to blacken it up so the reflective tape could do its job.


Does the router do a good job of maintaining the RPM setting with a varying load?

Well I only tested it in aluminum and brass at .005" DOC and 50 IPM. So, there wasn’t much load on it but it stayed rock steady. My giant Hitachi stays at the same RPM no matter what I am cutting, and that is 7 or so years old, so I assume the speed control on the Makita is as good or better than that.