Male insert too large for female pocket

I am using Vcarve to inlay initials into a cutting board. I am using the Inlay Tool since the letters are basically block lettering. The issue is that, although the tool path preview shows that the insert matches the pocket, when carved the insert is too big by about 3/16". I have tried to use the pocket allowance to enlarge it but it tends to distort the more allowance given. Here is a graphic of one I did today. This is with an allowance of -.054. Notice it over cut in some areas and under cut in others. Also, I have not been able to create a V carve inlay yet… I get the same issue, the insert is proportionally larger than the V pocket.

I used the same vector and 1/8th in end mill for both.

I left this same issue in the Vectric forum… I need help.


I checked the belts when this first started happening. they are tight and there doesn’t seem to be any lateral or up and down movement of the cross bar.