Man Cave signs

Here is a few Man Cave signs.


Here is another one Route 66 style


I personally never cared for the “Man Cave” thing…
I’m not an insurance ad gimmick… Although I can be rather crude sometimes, I’m not Neanderthal, I don’t have a dark, damp, cold "Cave…I have a “Garage/ Wood-Shop”… My Wife doesn’t have a “She Shed”… she has a craft/sewing room…

BUT… I guess there really is a market for that stuff…


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The only pictures I’ll be taking will be of my 611 brushes when I replace them this evening…(I don’t take the prettiest picture)

Star Wars… fan… not obsessed
Pokémon… you definitely wouldn’t understand my Daughter (I don’t most of the time)
Fidget Spinners = a lazy parenting aid for nail biters (But profitable…teenagers love them)

and you’re 100% correct about understanding profit…

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Don’t forget Magic Mike and 50 Shades of Grey

… no understanding of them at all.

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I refer to my shop as “The men’s room” and my wife gets The room above the men’s room" for her Crickit activities

She Shed …:joy:

@RobertCapraun, you folks sound just like me and my wife!
I have the garage and wood shop and she has the sewing/craft room!

I do the hardware and she does the software