Manual bit setting in Easel for x-carve?

I purchased the engraving bit and would like to carve a dog tag with the bit for small font. How do you manually set the bit size in Easel or what is the workaround? My plan includes font too small for the smallest preset drill bit diameter allowed in Ease but should be fine for the engraving bit. Manually setting the bit size in the machine drop box results in it being increased in size when working through the setup, etc Easel steps.

When you go to carve in Easel and it gets to the part where you set your bit size, you can just manually type it in there.

at that step in the set-up for carving, easel gives me about 1.5 seconds before it auto determines that the bit is too big and doesn’t give me a chance to make that change. I’m using Safari on a Mac. If you’re getting an opportunity to make that change, what operating system/internet browser are you using?

Does it let you change the bit size here? Where is says bit size?

yes. I decreased it here, it looked fine when I previewed the tool path but during the setup/sequence to carve, it reverted back to the four bit size choices and said my design had areas too small to carve. My screen also looks different than yours without the option for the detail bit. are you using the beta with advanced features?
(thanks for your willingness to troubleshoot this with me!)

When you hit Carve, and get to that point, it should also have a button that says Continue Anyway or something like that.

Thanks for pointing out that I can manually set the bit size. However, I can’t do it during the sequence heading to a carve. When I try that the warning that the bit is too big blocks out the area where a bit size can be entered. I did find another place earlier on where I can set the bit size and that worked fine.