Manually Select Bit on particular Cut

I am doing cutouts of a project that uses a v-bit and a straight bit. I want to do the cutout with the straight bit but Easel automatically selects v-bit and I cannot change this without creating a whole new project that only uses a straight bit. Is there a way I can manually choose which bit cuts a particular spot?

Sounds like you are using a font that is Pro-only?

I appreciate the suggestion but that’s not quite right. I’m using pro which is how a v-bit is available but the cutout is the border of the entire sign. Nothing to do with a font.

Depending on the design you should be able to duplicate the project, offset the outline creating a path you can use with straight bit.

Might be easier to suggest if we could see your project :slight_smile:

No. @HaldorLonningdal’s suggestion of using another workpiece is the best practice.

Can you set the v carve vectors to “0” depth? Or make a copy of the files and delete the v carve vectors.

Make a copy of the file. Delete V Carve vebctors.