Map of texasstorted

Dear sirs
I would like to take the map of Texas and make mulitable shapes from a 2x12 such as
Width 10.5-9.5-8.5-7.5-6.5-5.5
Height 10.5-9.5-8.5-7.5-6.5-5.5

I can do the 10.5 then 9.5 but after that the shape gets all distorded is what i am doing impossible or can anyone help me. each shape would maintain 1/2" walls and carve all the way thru the 1 1/2. Then I would attach a 1/4" luan bottom to each.
Thia would allow me to make Texas catch all boxes, jewelry boxes and candles all at the same time,

Thank you for your help.

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